What We Do

Quite simply. Mainstreet partners capital, people, experience and knowledge together with your concept to realize it’s full potential!

Mainstreet Restaurants contributes to the growth and business expansion of a restaurant concept that can be the next Holy Grail Discovery of the food and service industry.

We collaborate with successful restaurant partners and celebrity chefs – the people who know how to please customers and their taste buds. If you have the talent and that ‘hunger for growth’, Mainstreet Restaurant has the capital, expertise and experience to expand your business in new regions. Our team has ‘been there and done that’ – With years of experience in the food and service industry, we know what it to takes to formulate successful marketing plans, build new partnerships and implement the right strategies for success in new business locations.

At Mainstreet Restaurants, we collaborate with the ones who AIM BIG and help them to ACHIEVE BIGGER! There are no boundaries for success and we love to partner with entrepreneurs for whom winning is a habit.

We invite you to partner with us – Mainstreet Restaurants has the right strategies for development of your Holy Grail Discovery. We create the roadmap that you need and guide your restaurant from regional to global success!

We turn an idea into a habit!